Press releases?

Press releases? - INKS
Press releases?

Once upon a time, there was a struggling newspaper that was trying everything to increase its circulation. One day, the editor had an idea. He decided to print a series of press releases, announcing the latest and most interesting news from around the town on the newspaper’s front page.

However, there was one problem. The printing press was always malfunctioning and smudging the ink all over the pages, rendering them unreadable. The editor needed a solution, but he didn’t know where to turn.

One day, a young apprentice came to the editor with his idea. Instead of using the same ink that was causing all the problems, he suggested using a special kind of ink that wouldn’t smudge or smear. This ink was perfect for printing press releases and would ensure that the newspaper looked professional and readable. The editor was impressed and asked where he had learned about this special ink.

The young apprentice smiled and pointed to the crossword puzzle that he had been working on. It just so happened that the answer to one of the clues was “INKS,” which he had remembered from his crossword game. From that day on, the newspaper was able to print high-quality press releases thanks to the bright idea that came from a crossword puzzle answer. And the young apprentice was hailed as a hero for helping the newspaper become a success!