Stumped by ‘President Pro ___’ Crossword? Find the Answer Here!

Stumped by ‘President Pro ___’ Crossword? Find the Answer Here! - TEM
President pro ___

Once upon a time, in a land of letters and words, there was a group of politicians who loved playing games with words. They would often gather together to play a game called Crossword. One day, a politician known as the President pro wanted to stump his friends with a tricky crossword clue. He decided to give them a clue that was so difficult, it required them to think outside the box.

The clue he came up with was “This person presides over the Senate.” His friends were stumped. They tried filling in different words, but nothing seemed to fit. Suddenly, a young, enterprising politician by the name of Tom stepped up and simply wrote TEM on the crossword grid.

Everyone was amazed, yet mystified. How had Tom solved the clue so easily?

Tom then explained that President pro had given a trick clue. Everyone was thinking of a person to fill in the blank, but if they had paid attention to the clue, it would have led them to the answer — and it was not a person. TEM was actually the abbreviation for “Temporary.” The person who presides over the Senate is not a fixed entity but rather filled on a temporary basis.

Everyone was stunned by Tom’s sharp thinking and clever solution to the tricky crossword clue. From that day forward, Tom was known as the master of crossword puzzles, and the President pro never underestimated the power of a well-crafted crossword clue.