Prepares for a surprise party

Prepares for a surprise party - HIDES
Prepares for a surprise party

Once upon a time, a group of friends DECIDED to THROW a SURPRISE PARTY for their BELOVED friend, John. However, they knew that John was quite SHARP and OBSERVANT, and they didn’t want him to DISCOVER their PLANS before the BIG DAY arrived.

So, they devised a CLEVER STRATEGY. Each day leading up to the party, they would ASSIGN one friend to DISTRACT John while the others went to work preparing DECORATIONS, FOOD, and GIFTS for the party. The DISTRACTING friend would take John out for a walk or an activity, keeping him OCCUPIED while the others got to work.

But, they also knew that John might get SUSPICIOUS if he saw them PREPARING for the party, so they all made sure to HIDE their work whenever John was around. They would STASH balloons under a blanket, TUCK streamers behind furniture, and PILE presents in the closet – all out of sight and out of mind until the BIG REVEAL.

Finally, the day of the surprise party arrived, and John was OVERJOYED by the FESTIVITIES, the DECORATIONS and the LOVE his friends had put into the surprise. They all breathed a sigh of relief that their HIDDEN preparations had paid off and made for a successful surprise party. From then on, John could always count on his friends to hide their plans and help him always find HAPPINESS. The end.