Praise to the skies

Praise to the skies - EXALT
Praise to the skies

Sure, I would be happy to help. The crossword clue ‘Praise to the skies’ has the answer ‘EXALT’.

Exalt‘ means to praise or elevate someone or something to a higher level, thereby honoring or glorifying it. This term is more commonly used in a religious context, such as when we speak about exalting the Lord or exalting a saint for their virtuous deeds. However, it can also refer to the act of praising anyone or anything that is deserving of respect and admiration.

In essence, ‘exalt’ is a positive way of expressing deep admiration and respect. It is a term which encourages us to elevate others and to honor them for who they are and what they have achieved. Therefore, whenever we come across the phrase ‘Praise to the skies’ in a crossword puzzle, we can safely assume that the answer would be ‘EXALT’, which represents the idea of praising someone or something very highly.