Posing surface

Posing surface - YOGAMAT
Posing surface

Once upon a time, there was a little yoga studio where people of all ages would come to find inner peace and balance. The studio had a beautiful hardwood floor, but during particularly active classes, some of the students had trouble gripping the surface to maintain their balance.
One day, the studio’s owner had an idea. She went to a sporting goods store and came back with a stack of brand new yoga mats. These mats were specially designed to provide traction and cushioning support, which made them the perfect solution to the problem.
From that day forward, the students at the yoga studio loved using these mats as their new ‘posing surface,’ and the popular sport of yoga became even more enjoyable for everybody. So, next time you see “posing surface” as a crossword puzzle clue, you will know that the answer is most likely YOGAMAT!