Portmanteau expressions popularized by Tyra Banks

Portmanteau expressions popularized by Tyra Banks - SMIZES
Portmanteau expressions popularized by Tyra Banks

As a detective, my first step would be to gather information about Tyra Banks and her career. The clue suggests that the answer is a portmanteau expression, meaning a word made by combining two other words. Knowing that Tyra Banks is a model and television personality, it makes sense that the answer would be related to fashion or beauty. The clue also indicates that the answer is plural, which indicates that we are looking for multiple words.

Given this information, I began to brainstorm words related to fashion and beauty that could be combined to form a portmanteau expression. Within a few moments, it dawned on me that Tyra is known for her signature “smize” – a combination of “smile” and “eyes” – which she popularized on her TV show “America’s Next Top Model.” It’s a perfect fit! “Smizes” is a plural noun and is definitely an expression that Tyra popularized.

In conclusion, by using contextual knowledge and brainstorming, my thought process led me to “smizes” as the answer to the crossword clue ‘Portmanteau expressions popularized by Tyra Banks’.