Poked (into)

Poked (into) - NOSED
Poked (into)

As a detective, my first step in solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Poked (into)’ is to analyze the possible meanings and synonyms of the word ‘poked‘. I could think of pricked, prodded, jabbed, and pierced among others. Then, I considered the preposition ‘into‘, which implies some sort of insertion or poking inside something. This made me think of words like inserted, penetrated, or even explored.

As I looked at different combinations of words, one word in particular caught my attention – ‘nosed‘. It is a word that is often used to describe poking one’s nose into someone else’s business. ‘Nosed‘ is perfectly fitting with the clues; poking something, but also carrying that connotation of a curious or intrusive action.

Furthermore, ‘nosed‘ is an apt choice for a crossword puzzle clue as it has a double meaning of poking and investigating, reflecting the playful wordplay often used in these kinds of puzzles. Eventually, my reasoning led me to conclude that ‘nosed (into)‘ is the most likely answer for the crossword clue ‘Poked (into)‘.