Poetry palindrome

Poetry palindrome - ERE
Poetry palindrome

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a poet named Ender. He was known for his exceptional ability to create palindrome verses, which were highly valued in his kingdom.

One day, the king announced a competition for the best poetry palindrome, and Ender was determined to win the prize. However, he faced a challenge – he needed a short palindrome to fit into his larger verse.

Desperate for inspiration, Ender looked to the stars for answers. While gazing up at the night sky, he realized that the word “ERE” was a perfect palindrome. With this knowledge, he quickly incorporated it into his poem and presented it at the competition.

To his delight, Ender’s poem won the competition, and he became known throughout the kingdom as the “Poetry Palindrome King.” From that day forward, Ender continued to create beautiful and unique palindrome verses, always including the word “ERE” as a subtle nod to his greatest poetic triumph.