Plot point in the “The Thomas Crown Affair”

Plot point in the “The Thomas Crown Affair” - HEIST
Plot point in the "The Thomas Crown Affair"

Once upon a time, there was a cunning thief named Thomas Crown. He was infamous for pulling off heists that left even the police scratching their heads. One day, as he was planning his biggest heist yet, he jotted down the words “plot point” on a scrap of paper to remind him of the crucial moment in his plan.

As he continued to scheme, he realized that the perfect way to execute his heist was by staging a clever theft of a valuable painting from a museum. And so, he put the final touches on his plan and set everything in motion.

As the seconds ticked by, Thomas Crown carefully carried out his plan, smoothly navigating around the guards and alarms until he had successfully stolen the painting. It was a masterful heist, one that would go down in history as one of the boldest ever attempted.

And so, when the crossword clue asked for the “plot point in the ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’” – the answer was clear. A heist was the crux of the plot and what made the movie so thrilling.