Plan (out)

Plan (out) - MAP
Plan (out)

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The crossword clue “Plan (out)” can be solved with the answer “MAP“. MAP is a commonly used term in the field of geography, cartography, and navigation.

A MAP is a visual representation of a particular area or place, which can be presented in the form of a flat paper, digital image, or a 3D model. For example, a world MAP shows the entire globe, while a street MAP shows a particular area within a city.

MAPs are used for various purposes, including navigation, planning, and communication. They are essential tools for hikers, travelers, and outdoor adventurers, who use them to plan their route and understand the terrain.

In the context of “Plan (out)“, MAP refers to the act of creating a visual representation or a detailed plan of a particular project or activity. This is often done to help break down a complex task into smaller, more manageable parts, as well as to ensure all necessary steps are taken.

For instance, if you were planning a hiking trip, you might create a MAP to show the particular path you intend to take, as well as mark key landmarks, such as water sources, rest stops, or scenic views.

So, in summary, MAP is an excellent answer for the crossword clue “Plan (out)” because it refers to the essential, visual representation of an area, place, or project.