Stuck on Plains People? Crack the Code Now!

Stuck on Plains People? Crack the Code Now! - OTOE
Plains people

The crossword clue ‘Plains people’ is asking for a specific answer that refers to a group of people who, historically, inhabited the Great Plains region of North America. The answer to this clue is ‘OTOE,’ which refers to the Otoe Tribe or Nation.

The Otoe Tribe, also known as the Otoe-Missouria Tribe, is a Native American tribe that historically resided in what is now the states of Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri. The tribe is believed to have originated in the Ohio River Valley region before migrating westward.

The Otoe people were part of the larger Siouan language family and had cultural, linguistic, and historical ties to other Plains Indian tribes such as the Iowa, Missouri, and Ponca tribes. They shared similarities in their way of life, including their reliance on bison hunting, farming, and a nomadic lifestyle.

The Otoe Tribe was known for their deep connection to the land and their strong community bonds. They lived in earth lodges, which were dome-shaped structures built partially underground. These lodges were sturdy and provided insulation against the extreme weather conditions of the Great Plains.

Like many other Plains Native American tribes, the Otoe people faced significant challenges and disruptions due to European colonization. Forced relocations, outbreaks of diseases brought by Europeans, and conflicts with settlers impacted their population and way of life.

Today, the Otoe-Missouria Tribe continues to exist as a sovereign nation and is federally recognized by the United States government. The tribal government is based in Red Rock, Oklahoma, where they have established their own community and cultural center.

In summary, when the crossword clue ‘Plains people’ appears, the answer ‘OTOE‘ refers to the Otoe Tribe or Nation, a Native American group that historically inhabited the Great Plains region of North America.