Place to retire in a hurry?

Place to retire in a hurry? - PIT
Place to retire in a hurry?

Once upon a time, there was a professional race car driver named Jack who loved nothing more than speeding around the track. He was known for his fearless driving and never backed down from a challenge. One day, while driving at top speeds, Jack lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the wall. He was rushed to the hospital with a broken leg and multiple bruises.

After the accident, Jack realized he couldn’t race anymore and decided to retire. However, he knew he needed to find a new way to get his adrenaline fix. That’s when he discovered the sport of pit fighting – a brutal competition where two fighters go head-to-head in an enclosed area, known as the pit.

To retire in a hurry, Jack knew he needed to find a new place to satisfy his need for speed and excitement. And with the answer being “PIT,” it makes perfect sense – the pit is the perfect place for Jack to retire and satisfy his desire for adrenaline in a new way. So, when the crossword clue asked for a ‘Place to retire in a hurry?‘ the answer was a perfect fit.