Stumped on Finding C.D.s? Get the Answer Here!

Stumped on Finding C.D.s? Get the Answer Here! - SANDL
Place to get a C.D.

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Place to get a C.D.’, my initial thoughts were that it referred to a music store or record shop. However, I quickly realized that ‘C.D.’ may not necessarily mean a compact disc in this context. Instead, it could be an abbreviation for some other phrase or place. That is when I noticed the letter L at the end of the clue, which led me to consider that it may be a location within a word.

As I thought more about possible locations, it dawned on me that the answer may refer to the word ‘sandals’. I knew that some people refer to sandals as ‘sandles‘, and that the word ‘sandal’ contains the letters ‘CD’ in the middle. Therefore, it would make sense to refer to a ‘place to get a C.D.’ by using the word ‘sandles‘ and removing the final letter ‘L‘ to make the answer ‘SANDL‘.

Overall, my thought process involved a combination of deductive reasoning and wordplay. By considering all possible meanings of the letters ‘C.D.’, and thinking creatively about potential locations, I was able to arrive at the correct answer ‘SANDL‘ in an intriguing and satisfying way.