Unravel the Mystery: Solving the Pitch Crossword Clue

Unravel the Mystery: Solving the Pitch Crossword Clue - TAR

There was once an old sailor named Jack who loved nothing more than telling tales of his sea-faring adventures. One day, his young grandson asked him what the sticky black substance was that covered the bottom of his boat. “That’s tar, my boy,” Jack replied with a smile.

Curious, the young boy asked Jack how tar was made. Jack explained that it was a sticky substance made from boiling tar pitch, a substance that was found naturally in certain types of trees.

The young boy was fascinated and went home that day to look up more information about tar pitch. He came across a crossword puzzle with the clue “Pitch” and quickly wrote in the answer – TAR.

From that day on, the young boy was known as the crossword champion of his class. And every time he saw his grandfather’s boat covered in that dark, sticky substance, he couldn’t help but smile and think back to the day he learned about its connection to his newfound love for crossword puzzles.