Picnic pest

Picnic pest - ANT
Picnic pest

Once upon a sunny day, a group of friends gathered in the park for a picnic. They laid out a beautiful spread of sandwiches, fruit, and homemade lemonade. The friends were having such a great time until they noticed these small, persistent creatures running around on their blanket – ants.

The ants didn’t seem to care that the picnic wasn’t meant for them. They were there to feast on the crumbs and leftovers. One friend grabbed a newspaper to swat them away, but another friend suggested they solve the problem humanely. They used a magnifying glass to observe the ants as they worked together to carry food back to their ant hill.

As they watched the ants, one of their friends said, “I know the perfect word to describe these creatures that are disrupting our picnic – they’re ‘pests’!” Then someone chimed in and said, “That’s a great crossword clue – ‘Picnic pest’!”

Everyone agreed and they started brainstorming possible answers for the clue. As they were thinking, they watched the ants work tirelessly together to carry a watermelon back to their hill, and they realized that these little creatures are truly amazing. One friend exclaimed, “Ants are amazing! They may be picnics pests, but they are also incredible workers and builders.”

And just like that, they had their answer – ‘ANT‘. The friends celebrated their ability to solve the crossword together and appreciated the hard work of the ants, even if they were a bit disruptive to their picnic. From that day on, they made sure to leave some food for the ants to enjoy and they continued to observe their interesting behaviors.