Perplexed by this crossword clue? Get the answer here!

Perplexed by this crossword clue? Get the answer here! - BEMUSE

Sure, I’d be happy to help! The word “perplex” refers to a state of confusion or uncertainty, and one common word that describes this feeling is “bemuse”. Bemuse is a verb that means to bewilder or puzzle someone, often by presenting them with something difficult to understand or unexpected.

For example, if you’re trying to solve a crossword puzzle and you come across a clue that seems to have no logical answer, you might feel bemused and unsure of how to proceed. Similarly, if you’re presented with a complex problem at work or school, you might feel bemused by the various factors and considerations involved.

It’s worth noting that while “perplex” is often used to describe a mental state that one finds themselves in, “bemuse” is usually used to describe a deliberate action taken by someone else to confuse or bewilder another person. So, for instance, if someone intentionally gives you contradictory instructions or misleading information, they are trying to bemuse you.

In sum, “bemuse” is a useful word to use when you want to describe the feeling of being puzzled or confused, particularly when it is caused by someone else’s words or actions. I hope this explanation has been helpful!