Pedigree competitor

Pedigree competitor - ALPO
Pedigree competitor

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Max who was very proud of his pedigree. He came from a long line of champion show dogs and felt superior to all other canines. Max would often sneer at the dogs he encountered at the park, especially those who were munching on a particular brand of dog food.

One day, while Max was lounging in his owner’s living room, he heard some commotion outside. He peeked through the window to see a neighbor’s dog named Duke who was famous for his agility and speed. Duke’s owner was bragging about his dog’s accomplishments and mentioned that Duke was always fueled by his favorite brand of dog food – ALPO.

Max was flabbergasted. How could an ordinary dog like Duke achieve such great things while eating a food that was considered inferior by pedigree snobs like him? He decided to investigate and asked his owner to buy him a bag of ALPO.

To his surprise, Max found that he loved the taste and that it gave him the energy and strength he needed to train for the dog shows. He started recommending ALPO to all his pedigree friends and soon noticed that even they were switching to the brand.

From that day onwards, Max realized that pedigree didn’t matter as much as the quality of his food. He and Duke became good friends and even competed together in agility events, fueled by their mutual love of ALPO. So the answer to the crossword clue ‘Pedigree competitor’ is ALPO – because it proved that quality beats pedigree any day.