Passes out in front of a T.S.A. agent?

Passes out in front of a T.S.A. agent? - IDCARDS
Passes out in front of a T.S.A. agent?

Jane was feeling pretty nervous as she approached the security checkpoint at the airport. She had heard all kinds of horror stories about getting through airport security, and she was praying that she didn’t make a huge mistake or forget her ID. She shuffled up to the TSA agent, fumbling with her bags and trying to find her ID. Suddenly, she felt woozy and light-headed, and the next thing she knew, she was waking up on the floor with a TSA agent hovering over her.

“What happened?” she asked groggily. The agent smiled kindly and held up her ID. “Looks like you just passed out in front of me, but thankfully you had your ID card on you, so we were able to get you all checked in without a problem,” he said. Jane breathed a sigh of relief as she sat up, realizing that her ID card had been her saving grace.

And that’s how Jane came to appreciate the importance of carrying her ID card with her at all times, especially when going through airport security. She knew that forgetting her ID could have led to all kinds of problems, and she was grateful that her ID card had come to her rescue when she needed it most. From then on, she made sure to keep her ID card close at hand, knowing that it was her ticket to a smooth airport experience.