Can you pass this judgment? Crossword solution inside!

Can you pass this judgment? Crossword solution inside! - ASSESS
Pass judgment on

Once upon a time, there was a wise old judge named Arthur. Arthur loved crossword puzzles and often solved them during his breaks in the courtroom. One day, he came across a clue that read ‘Pass judgment on.’ He thought about it for a moment and wrote down ‘ASSESS.’

Later that day, a young lawyer named Lily came to him for advice. She was stuck on a case and didn’t know what to do. Arthur sat Lily down and listened to her every word. He then took out a notepad and began to ASSESS the situation. He carefully looked at all the evidence, listened to all the witnesses, and finally came to a conclusion. He gave his judgment, and Lily left the room feeling more confident and secure about her case.

From that day on, Lily always turned to Judge Arthur when she needed help. Arthur’s ability to ASSESS any situation he was presented with quickly became a well-known trait among those who knew him. Finally, when Arthur retired, his fellow judges gifted him with a crossword puzzle book, with a little inscription inside that read, “To our wise old judge – who always knew how to pass judgment on any crossword puzzle.”