Partner of hems

Partner of hems - HAWS
Partner of hems

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Partner of hems‘, my first thought was to identify any potential synonyms or related words that might lead me towards the correct answer. Hems are typically associated with sewing and clothing, so I considered related terms in that field – perhaps seam, stitch, or even needle – but nothing seemed to fit the overall structure of the crossword puzzle.

Upon closer inspection, I realized that the word “partner” might be the key to unlocking this clue. Rather than focusing solely on the word “hems,” I began to think more broadly about concepts that might be related to partnerships, such as teamwork or complementarity. After brainstorming several possibilities, I landed on the word “haws“, which can mean a pair of oxen or horses that are yoked together to work as a team.

At first glance, “haws” might not seem obviously related to hems, but the connection lies in the idea of partnership and working together. In sewing, hems are often paired with other elements – such as seams or decorative trims – to create a finished garment. Similarly, a pair of haws work together to pull a plow or cart, demonstrating the power and efficiency of partnership.

Overall, solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Partner of hems’ required some creative thinking and a willingness to explore related concepts beyond just the literal definition of the word “hems.” By considering the idea of partnership and teamwork, I was able to uncover the answer ‘HAWS‘ and bring another clue closer to resolution.