Participates in a Seder, say

Participates in a Seder, say - SUPS
Participates in a Seder, say

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The crossword clue “Participates in a Seder, say” is asking for a word that describes a specific action one might take during a Seder, which is a Jewish ritual feast that marks the beginning of the Passover holiday. The most likely answer to this clue is “sups.”

Sups” is a verb that means to eat one’s evening meal, often in company with others. During a Seder, participants typically gather around a table to share in a special meal that includes symbolic foods and rituals. Eating is a key part of the Seder experience, and the act of “supsing” is a common way of describing this aspect of the evening.

It’s worth noting that “sups” is not a word that is commonly used in everyday conversation, and is more commonly found in literature and historical texts. However, it is a readily recognizable word that fits the clue, and is likely the intended answer for any crossword puzzle referencing a Seder.

In summary, “sups” is a word that describes the act of eating one’s evening meal, and is commonly associated with the Seder meal that marks the beginning of Passover.