Part of M.I.T.: Abbr.

Part of M.I.T.: Abbr. - INST
Part of M.I.T.: Abbr.

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Part of M.I.T.: Abbr.’, my first instinct was to think of the full name of the institution: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Then, I focused on the abbreviation ‘M.I.T.‘ and started to think of other abbreviations that could be connected with it. I quickly realized that the answer had to be a three-letter abbreviation to fit in the grid.

After brainstorming possible options, I remembered that ‘inst‘ is a common abbreviation for the word ‘institute‘. This made me realize that ‘INST‘ could be the answer to the clue. I immediately knew that this made sense since ‘INST‘ is often used by institutions as an abbreviation for ‘institute‘. Furthermore, M.I.T. is indeed an institute, so the answer fits perfectly.

I double-checked the answer to make sure it would work with the other letters in the intersecting clues and was thrilled to confirm that it did. My detective work had paid off, and I was able to solve the mystery of this crossword clue.