Part of b.p.s.

Part of b.p.s. - PER
Part of b.p.s.

Gladly! The answer to the crossword clue ‘Part of b.p.s.’ is PER. In this context, PER stands for “per annum,” which is a Latin phrase used to express a rate of occurrence per year. It is often used in financial and business contexts to express interest rates, salaries, or other periodic rates that occur on an annual basis.

For example, if an investment is said to have a 5% interest rate PER annum, it means that the investment will earn 5% of its value in interest each year. Similarly, if a salary is said to be $50,000 PER annum, it means that the salary is paid at a rate of $50,000 per year.

The abbreviation of PER as a symbol is commonly used in mathematical and scientific contexts to indicate division. It is derived from the Latin word ‘per‘ which means ‘by‘. In this case, it represents a division operator, similar to a forward slash (“/”). Therefore, when used in formulas or equations, PER is used as a shorthand to indicate that the value before it is being divided by the value after it.

So, there you have it! PER is an important abbreviation that is widely used to express periodic rates on an annual basis, such as interest rates, salaries, and other financial metrics. It is also used as a division operator in mathematics and scientific contexts.