Part of a paw print

Part of a paw print - PAD
Part of a paw print

Sure, I’ll be happy to explain.

When we look at the bottom of an animal’s foot, we can see the pads which are the cushiony parts that help them walk, run, or jump quietly. These pads are made up of fatty tissue and provide insulation and protection from rough ground as well as help to absorb shock. They can have different shapes and sizes depending on the animal. For example, a cat’s pawn pad is almost always divided into four parts, while a dog’s may have just one large pad with some smaller ones around it.

Now, when it comes to solving the crossword clue ‘Part of a paw print’, the answer is ‘PAD‘ because paw prints obviously show the outline of the paw, but also show the impression of the pad. So the ‘pad’ is one of the essential parts of a paw print, and therefore the right answer to the crossword puzzle.

Also note that ‘pad’ can have other meanings like writing pad, note pad, sanitary pad, and so on, but in the context of a paw print, we are referring to the cushiony portion on the bottom of an animal’s foot.