Stumped by a Comic Strip Crossword? Uncover the Answer Here!

Stumped by a Comic Strip Crossword? Uncover the Answer Here! - PANEL
Part of a comic strip

Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a young girl named Lucy who loved reading comics in the newspaper. Every day, she would sit with her grandfather after lunch and they would read the funnies together. Her favorite part of the comics was always the colorful “panels“, or squares, that featured the characters’ adventures.

One afternoon, Lucy and her grandfather were stumped by a crossword puzzle clue that read “Part of a comic strip”. They tried every word they could think of, but none seemed to fit. Just as they were giving up hope, Lucy noticed a framed picture on the wall of her grandfather’s study. It was a vintage comic strip from the 1950s, and she pointed to one of the squares on the page, exclaiming, “There, grandpa! That’s the answer to the puzzle! It’s a ‘panel‘!”

Her grandfather smiled, realizing Lucy was absolutely right. A “panel” was indeed part of a comic strip, and it was the answer they had been looking for all along. From that day on, Lucy and her grandfather made it their mission to solve the crossword puzzles in the newspaper each and every day, with Lucy becoming quite the expert on all things comic strip related. And whenever they came across the word “panel“, they would grin at each other knowingly, and remember the creative solution that had saved the day.