Part of a coat of arms

Part of a coat of arms - CREST
Part of a coat of arms

Once upon a time, in a far-off kingdom, there lived a brave knight named Sir Cedric. Cedric came from a long line of noble knights who had served the kingdom for generations. One day, he received a summons from the king himself.

When Cedric arrived at the palace, he was led to the throne room, where the king was waiting for him. The king explained that a neighboring kingdom had challenged their rule and they would have to engage in a battle soon. The king tasked Cedric with creating a new coat of arms that would reflect their bravery and strength.

Cedric immediately got to work, sketching and designing various elements for the new coat of arms. He added swords and shields, castles, and dragons, but something was still missing. That’s when his trusty squire, George, suggested they add a crest. A crest would be a symbol of honor and nobility that’s placed atop the coat of arms.

Cedric loved the idea, and together they worked to create the perfect crest that would represent their kingdom. They eventually came up with a design featuring a lion rampant, holding a sword and shield – a symbol of their unbreakable strength and courage.

When the day of the battle arrived, the kingdom proudly raised their new coat of arms, with the crest atop. The enemy army shivered in fear at the sight of it, and the battle was won without much difficulty.

From that day on, the crest became an integral part of their coat of arms, representing their bravery and success in battle. And since then, everyone who knows about coat of arms recognizes the importance of the crest. It has become a staple element in every coat of arms ever since.