Stumped by ‘Paleo’s opposite’? Unlock the Surprising Answer!

Stumped by ‘Paleo’s opposite’? Unlock the Surprising Answer! - NEO
Paleo's opposite

As a detective, I approach the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Paleo’s opposite‘ with an analytical mind and a keen eye for patterns and connections. My initial thought is that ‘Paleo‘ refers to the Paleo diet, a popular dietary trend focusing on consuming whole, unprocessed foods. To find its opposite, I start by exploring prefixes. One prefix that immediately comes to mind is ‘neo‘, meaning new or modern. This prefix often indicates a departure from traditional practices, which aligns perfectly with the opposite of the Paleo diet. Additionally, ‘neo‘ is commonly used in various contexts to refer to something contemporary or innovative. It also fits well in crossword puzzles due to its concise form consisting of only three letters. Considering these insights and recognizing the contrasting nature between ‘Paleo‘ and ‘neo‘, I confidently conclude that ‘Neo‘ is the appropriate answer to this captivating crossword clue.