Ostentatious behavior

Ostentatious behavior - SHOWBOATING
Ostentatious behavior

Certainly! “Ostentatious behavior” typically refers to a person showing off or flaunting their skills or achievements in a manner that is considered excessive, attention-seeking, or attention-grabbing. The slang term for this behavior is “showboating”.

To understand “showboating,” imagine a professional athlete who has just scored a touchdown. Rather than simply spiking the ball and celebrating with their teammates, they perform a celebratory dance or other attention-grabbing moves to draw more attention to themselves. This behavior is considered showboating.

In other settings, showboating can take on different forms. For example, a politician might go out of their way to be seen shaking hands with every single person in attendance at a rally, even if it means delaying the start of their speech. Or, a business executive might make sweeping, grandiose statements about their company’s future prospects in an effort to impress potential investors.

In all cases, showboating is somewhat frowned upon as it can be seen as a lack of humility or excessive self-promotion. That said, it remains a familiar term that can be used to describe any kind of attention-grabbing, boastful, or showy behavior.