Optimists can find them in any situation

Optimists can find them in any situation - UPSIDES
Optimists can find them in any situation

Once upon a time in a small town, there were two friends named Jake and Luke. Jake was a pessimist who always saw the glass as half empty and Luke was an optimist who always saw the glass as half full. One day, they both lost their jobs at a local store due to downsizing.

Jake was devastated and could not see anything positive about the situation. On the other hand, Luke thought that losing their jobs was not the end of the world and they could find new opportunities.

One day, they went for a walk in the park where they found a crossword puzzle book lying on a bench. Luke eagerly started solving the clues while Jake sat by the side sulking.

As Luke was filling out one of the puzzles, he exclaimed, “I found it! The answer to the clue is UPSIDES!”.

Jake looked at him confused, “What does that mean?”

Luke explained, “Optimists can find them in any situation. It means that no matter how bad things seem, there is always something good we can find in it. Losing our jobs was a downside but we can find UPSIDES like free time to pursue other interests and opportunities to find better jobs.”

Jake smiled and said, “You’re right. I can see the UPSIDES now. We could start our own business or pursue a new career.”

From that day forward, Jake became more optimistic and started seeing the UPSIDES in every situation. They both found new jobs and started a successful business, all thanks to the lesson they learned from a simple crossword clue.