Opens, as an awards show envelope

Opens, as an awards show envelope - UNSEALS
Opens, as an awards show envelope

Once upon a time, in a grand theater, the most prestigious awards show in the land was about to begin. The excitement was palpable as everyone eagerly awaited the name of the winners to be revealed.

Suddenly, the host walked onto the stage with a large, sealed envelope in his hand. The envelope contained the name of the winner for the coveted award of the night. The audience held their breath as the host began to read the crossword clue aloud: “Opens, as an awards show envelope”.

The room fell silent as the audience started to shout out their guesses. Some suggested using a letter opener, while others thought of using a knife to break the seal. As the guesses continued to pour in, a young girl in the front row stood up and confidently shouted, “UNSEALS!

Everyone turned to look at her, and after a moment of confusion, they realized she had solved the clue and the answer was indeed ‘UNSEALS’. The host, impressed with the young girl’s quick thinking and knowledge, handed her the envelope and asked her to do the honors of unsealing it.

With excitement in her eyes, she eagerly tore open the envelope to reveal the name of the winner. The audience erupted into cheers and applause and the night continued on with much celebration and joy.

From that day on, whenever anyone mentioned an awards show envelope, they always knew the answer was ‘UNSEALS‘, thanks to the young girl’s clever and quick thinking.