Stumped by an Online Icon? Unravel the Mystery!

Stumped by an Online Icon? Unravel the Mystery! - HAMBURGERMENU
*Online icon comprised of three parallel horizontal lines, familiarly

Sure! The crossword clue you mentioned, ‘*Online icon comprised of three parallel horizontal lines, familiarly‘, refers to a graphical representation commonly known as the ‘hamburger menu.’ This icon consists of three parallel horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, resembling the appearance of a hamburger, hence the name.

The hamburger menu has become a popular symbol used in the design of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for websites and mobile applications. It is usually placed in the top corner of a website or app and serves as a menu button or a navigation drawer.

The purpose of the hamburger menu is to provide a neat and organized way to display additional sets of options or features without cluttering the main interface. When the user clicks or taps on the hamburger menu icon, it triggers a dropdown or a sliding panel that appears on the screen, revealing a list of menu items or functions that are hidden by default.

This design pattern is particularly useful when there are limited screen space or when the application has a large quantity of features or sections that don’t need to be visible all the time. By hiding these options behind the hamburger menu, it allows for a cleaner and less overwhelming user experience.

To sum it up, the hamburger menu is an online icon comprised of three parallel horizontal lines. It gained popularity as a space-saving technique in website and app design to hide additional options and features. By clicking or tapping on the hamburger menu, users can access a dropdown or sliding panel that reveals a list of hidden menu items or functions.