Live like royalty – the secret crossword answer revealed!

Live like royalty – the secret crossword answer revealed! - BALLERS
Ones who live large, in slang

Certainly! When we talk about “living large” in slang, we often refer to people who have a lot of money and live an extravagant lifestyle. These people are known as “ballers“.

Ballers” is a term that originated in African American communities, particularly in the world of basketball. It refers to players who have made it to the big leagues and are known for their success on the court. As their careers take off, they often become incredibly wealthy and their lifestyles become more luxurious. They might drive expensive cars, wear designer clothes, and live in mansions.

Over time, the term “baller” has expanded beyond basketball to refer to anyone who is living a lavish lifestyle and has a lot of money. Some people might use the term to describe successful entrepreneurs, musicians, or even just people who have inherited a lot of money.

So, when you see the clue “ones who live large, in slang” in a crossword puzzle, the answer you’re looking for is “BALLERS“. It’s a term that has become firmly entrenched in contemporary slang, used by people across all walks of life to describe individuals who are wealthy, successful, and indulgent.