Stuck on a Crossword Point? Discover the Winning Answer!

Stuck on a Crossword Point? Discover the Winning Answer! - SPINSERVE
One way to start a point

The crossword clue ‘One way to start a point‘ has an answer of SPINSERVE, which is a term used in the game of tennis. When a player starts their service, they have the option of hitting the ball with either an overhand or underhand motion. The term “spinning” refers to the motion of the ball after it is hit, and is created by the way the player contacts the ball with their racquet.

A “spin serve” is a type of serve that is used by many professional tennis players to add spin to the ball and make it more difficult for their opponent to return. The spin serve is created by hitting the ball with a side spin or top spin, which causes the ball to curve in a certain direction after it is hit.

When a player uses a spin serve, they can mix up their shots and create opportunities to win points with either an ace (when the opponent cannot return the ball) or a weaker return that is easier to put away with a follow-up shot.

Overall, the spin serve is a powerful weapon in a tennis player’s arsenal, and can be very effective in creating scoring opportunities during a match. So, ‘SPINSERVE‘ is one way to start a point in tennis.