One way to reach a distant star

One way to reach a distant star - FANLETTER
One way to reach a distant star

As a detective tasked with solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘One way to reach a distant star‘, my thought process began by considering the literal and figurative interpretations of the words in the clue. I knew that reaching a distant star would require some form of communication, and the use of a letter seemed like a plausible solution. With this in mind, I began identifying words that could fit the bill, such as ‘message‘ or ‘transmission‘, but none of them seemed to fit the crossword’s letter count.

Next, I shifted my focus to identifying scenarios in which a communication letter could be sent to a distant star. This is when the word ‘fanletter‘ immediately came to mind. A fan letter is a communication that is sent from someone to a celebrity or someone they admire, expressing their appreciation and admiration. In this context, a ‘distant star’ could be interpreted as a celebrity or someone who is highly regarded and famous. The word ‘fanletter‘ was a perfect fit for the crossword’s letter count and provided a creative solution to the puzzling clue.

By considering the figurative interpretation of the word ‘star’ and brainstorming potential solutions in which communication could be sent to a distant entity, I was able to deduce the answer ‘fanletter‘. The mystery had been solved.