One traveling by daylight?

One traveling by daylight? - SOLARCAR
One traveling by daylight?

Once upon a time, there was a brilliant inventor named Tim. Tim was on a mission to create a car that could run without fossil fuels and make the planet a greener place. After much experimentation and hard work, Tim came up with the ultimate solution, a car powered by the sun. He called it the Solar Car!

The car was sleek and futuristic, with solar panels on its roof and a massive battery that could store energy from the sun. It could travel long distances and was completely emission-free. Tim was very proud of his invention and decided to take it out for a spin.

As he was driving around town, he noticed that people couldn’t take their eyes off his Solar Car. They were stopping to admire it and asking him questions about how it worked. Tim realized he had to spread the word about his amazing creation.

Soon, he started showcasing his Solar Car at events and conferences around the world, sharing the benefits of using renewable energy. As the interest in the Solar Car grew, Tim’s car became a symbol of progress and sustainability. Everyone wanted to be seen traveling by daylight in a Solar Car.

Years later, the Solar Car had become a household name; people across the globe recognized it as a symbol of innovation and environmental responsibility. And to this day, when someone is looking for a unique transportation experience, they might just turn to the crossword clue and say, “Ah, I know the answer to that – it’s a Solar Car, one traveling by daylight!”