One of cinq in “Tartuffe”

One of cinq in “Tartuffe” - ACTE
One of cinq in "Tartuffe"

Upon coming across the crossword clue ‘One of cinq in “Tartuffe”‘, the first thing that caught my attention was the mention of “Tartuffe”, a well-known play by French playwright Molière. This immediately led me to consider the possibility that the answer could be a French word or phrase related to the play.
Next, the clue mentions “cinq”, which is French for “five”. This made me wonder if the answer had something to do with a number or sequence of some kind in the play.
A quick search of “Tartuffe” revealed that the play is divided into five acts. With this knowledge, it became clear that the answer to the crossword clue was “ACTE“, the French word for “act”.
Overall, my thought process involved using my background knowledge about French literature and language, as well as researching the play itself, to piece together the clues and arrive at the correct answer.