On, say

On, say - LIT
On, say

Sure, I can definitely explain the crossword clue ‘On, say,’ and the answer ‘LIT‘ for you!

In this context, ‘on, say‘ suggests a state of being turned on or illuminated. The word ‘lit‘ can mean illuminated or brightened, which is its most common interpretation in day-to-day language.

In the context of technology, however, ‘lit‘ can also mean that an app or website is currently active or in use. For instance, if you say that your phone screen is ‘lit‘ up, you might mean that the screen is illuminated and displaying content, or that you are using some app or feature on your phone.

In summary, ‘lit‘ is a versatile word that can be interpreted in various, often related ways depending on the context. As a crossword clue, it can be interpreted to mean ‘on’ or ‘actively in use,’ or as an adjective to describe something that is illuminated or brightened. I hope this helps!