“Oh, come on!”

“Oh, come on!” - GETREAL
"Oh, come on!"

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Tom who loved to play games. His favorite game was doing crossword puzzles with his grandfather. Tom always found it challenging but fun, and his grandfather loved to watch him struggle with the clues.

One sunny afternoon, Tom was working on a crossword and stumbled upon the clue “‘Oh, come on!'” He sat there, stumped, for a few minutes until his grandfather finally spoke up. “Tom, when someone says ‘Oh, come on!’, it’s usually because they want you to get real,” he said.

Suddenly, the clue made perfect sense to Tom. He quickly scribbled in the answer ‘GETREAL‘ and high-fived his grandfather. From that day on, anytime Tom heard someone say “Oh, come on!” he’d smile and think back to the time he cracked that tricky crossword puzzle with his wise old granddad.