Of heavy build

Of heavy build - STOUT
Of heavy build

Once upon a time, there was a town called Puzzleville. In Puzzleville, everyone loved to solve crossword puzzles. There was a particularly talented crossword solver named Amanda, who had a favorite clue – ‘Of heavy build‘.

One day, Amanda decided to take a walk in the town’s park, where she stumbled upon a group of men trying to build a house. All of them were thin and scrawny, and they were struggling to carry heavy bricks and furniture.

Feeling sorry for the men, Amanda decided to help out. She noticed that the men couldn’t carry more than a few bricks at a time, so she started lifting more and more, showing her STOUT strength. The men were amazed at her ability to carry so much weight, and they quickly nicknamed her “The STOUT Wonder”.

From that day on, every time Amanda saw the crossword clue ‘Of heavy build‘, she thought of how her STOUT strength had helped her in her everyday life, and she smiled at the memory of building that house in the park.