“Obviously not, ya goof!”

“Obviously not, ya goof!” - NOSILLY
"Obviously not, ya goof!"

The crossword clue “‘Obviously not, ya goof!'” can be solved with the word “NOSILLY”. This word is a combination of two words, ‘no‘ and ‘silly‘. When combined, they form a new word that implies that the statement or proposition presented is not silly at all.

The word ‘silly‘ usually refers to something that is foolish, absurd, or ridiculous. On the other hand, the word ‘no‘ is a negative word that denies the proposition or statement presented. Therefore, when the two words “no” and “silly” are combined, it forms a word that gives a clear and concise response, indicating that the statement made is not at all foolish or ridiculous.

For example, if someone were to say, “Do you really think I am stupid enough to believe that?”, a fitting response might be “No silly, of course not!” In this example, the word ‘NOSILLY‘ is a more concise and emphatic way of saying ‘no silly.’

In conclusion, ‘NOSILLY‘ is a word that indicates that the statement or proposition presented is not considered foolish or ridiculous. It is a useful phrase for conveying a clear and concise response to a question or statement.