Stuck on a Bender? Solve this Crossword Clue Now!

Stuck on a Bender? Solve this Crossword Clue Now! - AIMEE
Novelist/short-story writer ___ Bender

Once upon a time, there was a crossword puzzle enthusiast named Max who loved nothing more than spending his weekends completing the New York Times crossword. He had been working on a particularly challenging puzzle for hours until he came to an answer that had him completely stumped. The clue read, “Novelist/short-story writer ___ Bender.”

Max searched his brain but couldn’t come up with the answer. He scoured his bookshelves, looking for any novels or short-story collections that might jog his memory. Suddenly, he remembered a book he had read in college called “The Girl in the Flammable Skirt” by Aimee Bender.

Max quickly scribbled “Aimee” into the crossword grid and checked it against the other letters. It fit perfectly! The rest of the puzzle soon fell into place, and Max was filled with a sense of satisfaction as he finished the crossword.

After he completed the puzzle, Max decided to do some research on Aimee Bender. He discovered that she was a renowned author known for her inventive and magical storytelling, with several books and short story collections to her name. From that day on, Aimee Bender became one of Max’s favorite authors, and he even started to write his own short stories, inspired by her whimsical style.

In the end, the crossword puzzle not only challenged Max’s mind but also led him to discover a new writer whose work he loved. And all thanks to that one mysterious clue: “Novelist/short-story writer ___ Bender.”