Not leave unattended

Not leave unattended - KEEPCLOSE
Not leave unattended

Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Lily who loved shopping. She could spend hours browsing through different stores and trying on various clothes and accessories. However, one day, while she was in a department store trying on shoes, she suddenly received a call from her friend, Karen.

Lily quickly left her shoes on the bench and went to answer the call, forgetting that she had left her shopping bags with her recently bought items next to the bench. When she finished the call and returned to her bench, she was devastated to find out that her shopping bags were gone.

From that day on, Lily never left her bags unattended, always keeping them close by her side or under the bench when she was trying on shoes or clothes. She realized that she needed to keep close watch on her belongings to prevent them from being stolen or lost.

Years later, when Lily started doing crossword puzzles, she came across a clue that reminded her of her past experience. The clue was “Not leave unattended,” and the answer was “KEEPCLOSE.” She smiled and quickly filled in the letters, grateful that her shopping mishap had helped her remember this valuable lesson in crossword form.