Stuck on a crossword puzzle? ‘Not for ___’ clue revealed!

Stuck on a crossword puzzle? ‘Not for ___’ clue revealed! - SALE
Not for ___

As a detective, solving a crossword clue is no different than cracking a case. In this particular case, the clue ‘Not for ___’ left me with a feeling of uncertainty. I knew that the answer had to be a word that describes an item that is not intended for regular retail price. At first, my mind pondered over words such as ‘rent’, ‘use’, ‘lease’ – but none of them were fitting the bill. Then, as if it clicked, it dawned on me – perhaps ‘SALE’ was the missing piece of the puzzle. It made perfect sense – items that are not meant for regular retail price and are sold at a discounted rate, are put on a ‘sale’. This realization brought me one step closer to solving the mystery, and my instincts were confirmed when I filled in the word ‘SALE’ into the crossword, and it fit like a glove. Sometimes, as a detective, it’s only a matter of understanding and associating the clues in the right way, and the answer falls into place.