Not cramped

Not cramped - ROOMY
Not cramped

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lucy who lived in a small apartment with her parents. Lucy loved spending time in her room, but she always felt cramped and claustrophobic due to the lack of space. One day, while flipping through the newspaper, Lucy stumbled upon a crossword puzzle. She saw the clue ‘Not cramped‘ and immediately thought of her tiny apartment. She spent hours trying to come up with the right answer until finally, she got it – ROOMY!

Overjoyed with her accomplishment, Lucy ran to her parents to tell them about her success. They were happy for her and even offered to rearrange the furniture in her room to make it feel more roomy. From that day on, Lucy felt more comfortable in her own space and couldn’t be happier with her newfound freedom.

The crossword puzzle helped Lucy realize that even though she was living in a small apartment, a little bit of creativity could make a world of difference. Now, whenever she sees the word ‘roomy’, she’s reminded of her triumph and the importance of thinking outside the box.