Not competitive

Not competitive - ONESIDED
Not competitive

Once upon a time, there were two brothers, Tim and Tom, that loved to play basketball against each other. They were extremely competitive and played to win. However, Tim was bigger and stronger, and he usually won every game they played. Tom always got frustrated because he felt like he didn’t have a fair shot.

One day, Tim decided to give his brother a chance to even the playing field. He told Tom that he would play with only one hand, while Tom played with both. Tom was skeptical at first, but he agreed to give it a try.

To his surprise, Tom won the game easily. From that day forward, they always played “onesided” basketball. Tim would use only one hand, and Tom would use both. It was no longer competitive, but it was much more enjoyable for both of them. They didn’t worry about winning or losing, and they simply enjoyed the game.

Likewise, in crossword puzzles, “onesided” means that the answer is not competitive. It’s more about providing a simple and straightforward answer. Just like Tim and Tom’s game, sometimes it’s more enjoyable to have a relaxed and easy puzzle, rather than a competitive one.