Not as fierce

Not as fierce - TAMER
Not as fierce

There was once a mighty lion who ruled over the jungle with his fierce roar. All the other animals were afraid of him and would cower in his presence. One day, however, a brave and clever tamer came to the jungle, armed with only a whip and a chair.

At first, the lion was unimpressed and roared even louder, trying to scare the tamer away. But the tamer remained calm and patient, slowly and steadily training the lion to follow his commands. He would crack his whip and hold up his chair, showing the lion that he was not afraid.

Over time, the lion began to respond to the tamer’s commands, no longer feeling the need to show off his fierceness. Instead, he was calmer and more obedient, leading the other animals to see him in a different light. They began to call him the “tamer” lion, because he was no longer as fierce as he once was.

And that, my friend, is how the crossword clue “not as fierce” relates to its answer, “tamer.” Sometimes, even the most fearsome beasts can be tamed with a little patience and understanding.