Nondominant personalities

Nondominant personalities - BETAS
Nondominant personalities

Once upon a time, in a distant wolf pack, there was a naysayer named Alpha who always thought he was the best leader. He would make all decisions for the pack without consulting anyone else. One day, the pack faced a huge problem, they ran out of food, and no one had any idea what to do.

However, a few ‘nondominant personalities,’ who were not as loud and assertive as Alpha, started coming forward with ideas on how to save the pack from starvation. They discussed hunting in smaller groups, planting crops, and even making alliances with other packs for trade.

These nondominant personalities may have been less outspoken than Alpha, but they showed their true leadership skills in their ability to think outside the box. They were a pack of Betas, and their creative solutions ended up saving the entire pack from disaster.

From then on, the pack learned to appreciate and even seek the input of their Betas. They understood that dominance doesn’t always mean the best solution, and true leadership comes in many forms. Thus, in the crossword world, ‘Nondominant personalities’ are often referred to as ‘Betas‘.