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Once upon a time, there was a newspaper named “The Daily Tribune” that had many sections. Every day, the editor and staff members would work hard to ensure that each section was informative, entertaining, and engaging. However, there was one section that stood out – the “ARTS” section.

The editor of “The Daily Tribune” loved art, music, theater, and literature, so he made sure that the “ARTS” section received special attention. He called it the soul of the newspaper and said it contained some of the finest works created by humans. However, the newspaper’s readers and staff who were not very familiar with art were sometimes puzzled by the section.

One day, while the editor was working on a crossword puzzle, he came across the clue “Newspaper section” with four blank spaces. He thought for a moment and then wrote the answer “ARTS.” Suddenly, everything clicked! The editor realized that the “ARTS” section was the puzzle, the crossword clue that had stumped many.

From that day on, on the top of the “ARTS” section, the editor wrote the words, “Newspaper section (4),” as a nod to the crossword puzzle. Now, whenever someone was unsure of the “ARTS” section meaning, they could look at the top and know it was the answer to the puzzle. This helped readers appreciate the section even more and inspired them to explore the world of art.

And so, the “ARTS” section of “The Daily Tribune” became a beloved part of the newspaper, and its connection to crossword puzzles made it all the more special. The end.