Neckwear reserved for fancy occasions?

Neckwear reserved for fancy occasions? - SPECIALTIES
Neckwear reserved for fancy occasions?

Once upon a time, there was a man named Mr. Johnson who loved to wear fancy neckwear. He had a whole collection of ties, bow ties, and cravats for every occasion. One day, while he was doing a crossword puzzle, he came across a clue that said “Neckwear reserved for fancy occasions?

Mr. Johnson started to think about his own collection and realized that he had some special pieces that he only wore on special occasions, like weddings, galas, and other fancy events. Suddenly, the answer to the crossword clue hit him like a bolt of lightning: “SPECIALTIES!

Excited by his discovery, Mr. Johnson rushed to tell his wife about it. “It’s genius!” he exclaimed. “Specialties is the perfect answer to that crossword clue! It’s like the neckwear that we reserve for the most special occasions.”

And so, whenever Mr. Johnson went to fancy events, he would proudly wear his “specialties” neckwear. He even started a trend among his friends who then began using the term “specialties” to describe their own fancy neckwear. Thanks to Mr. Johnson’s love for crossword puzzles, a new term was born!