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Mythological meanie - OGRE
Mythological meanie

An “ogre” is a mythological creature typically depicted as a large, monstrous humanoid with a repugnant appearance and an insatiable appetite for human flesh in fairy tales and folklore. They are usually described as brutish, violent, and cruel, often portrayed as abductors and child-eaters.

Ogres are often featured in fairy tales and legends across various cultures, such as the French tale of “Bluebeard,” the Italian story of “The Ogre of Corsica,” and the Slavic folktale “The Three Heads of the Well.” In some of these tales, the term “ogre” is used to describe any large, bad-tempered or hideous humanoid who is dangerous and potentially man-eating.

In modern times, the term “ogre” is also used metaphorically to describe a person who is considered to be cruel, brutish, or intimidatingly aggressive. For example, a boss who is always yelling and mistreating their employees might be called an “ogre.” Additionally, the character of Shrek is a famous and popular example of an ogre in modern popular culture.

Overall, the word “ogre” holds a prominent place in myths, folklore, and literature as a terrifying creature that inspires fear and horror in the imagination of people across many cultures.